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Talmadge is proud to have a GoogleGroup which has been operating for more than a decade. By joining this group, Members confirm that they are Talmadge area Property owners, Residents, Business Owners/NonProfit Directors, Leaders of neighboring communities, or City/State officials who serve our Talmadge neighborhood.  Talmadge Leadership across many vital Talmadge organizations post notifications and updates on the Group and interface with our Public Officials and Community Leaders. These organizations are primarily Talmadge Patrol, Talmadge Neighborhood Watch,  TCC , TMAD, and Block Party. ( NOTE: Because KTPG  serves both Talmadge & Kensington, they have discontinued meeting agenda notifications on this Talmadge GoogleGroup in favor of posting to the Nextdoor forum to include both neighborhoods).

The Talmadge GoogleGroup is provided, as a courtesy to Talmadge, by the volunteers who created and evolved the GoogleGroup over the years. Originally a forum dedicated just to Talmadge Watch & Patrol for Crime Info and Prevention, the GoogleGroup has been expanded to primarily function as a forum between Talmadge Leadership, Public Officials, City Depts, and Community Leaders. Posts to the Group may be important notifications from these leadership parties or even exchanges & discussions between these parties. Whatever the activity, members enjoy the convenience of such postings being delivered by email, thus the Group is often referred to as the “Talmadge Googlegroup Email”. These email notifications are highly informative, as the messages typically contain handy hyperlinks to official government webpages and the helpful content on our website.

Upon joining, members’ subscriptions are automatically set to receive all the Group’s post activity via email – the ALL Email setting. This is the recommended setting to stay best informed, but members may change their notification settings to instead receive group posts in abridged bundles, or not at all. Members may actively view all Group posts online  and manage their own notification settings at:

To request membership in the Talmadge GoogleGroup, TalCom requires basic information from the requestor:

Talmadgians, please email and provide:

  • Your Name(s)  if a residential household/property
  • Your Name(s)/Title(s)  if a Corporation
  • Corporate Name, DBA, and Website if  Business or NonProfit
  • Talmadge property address(es)
  • Rent/Lease,  Own, or Owner Non-Resident?
  • How long in Talmadge?

If you are a Leader in a Neighboring Community or a City/State official serving Talmadge, please email and provide:

  • Your name
  • Your role, position/official capacity
  • Your organization’s website/Group