Talmadge Maintenance Assessment District (TMAD)

In a Maintenance Assessment District (MAD), property owners within the district pay for and receive a “special benefit” of services above-and-beyond what the City provides. The citizen advisory committee working with the City for the Talmadge Maintenance Assessment District (TMAD) is an elected Board of Directors and subcommittee volunteers from within the Talmadge Maintenance Assessment District and operating under the TMAD By-Laws.

If you are the owner of property located within the district boundary, then a TMAD assessment appears on your parcel’s property tax bill. Since 1999, TMAD’s efforts have been funded by the tax assessments as well as city and county grants. The money collected in the district is required to be spent in Talmadge under the guidelines of a Master Plan developed with input from the community. The plan includes: improvements to the entrances of the community with landscaping, trees, and restoration of the historic gates, the creation of a centerpiece for the neighborhood with landscaping at the traffic circle at 49th and Adams Avenue; the addition of street trees and most recently, the restoration, replacement and installation of historically relevant street lighting throughout the community.

Recent/Upcoming Meeting Agenda


Meeting Minutes

(Archived Minutes available upon request to the TMAD Secretary)

TMAD Meetings, open to all, are held every 4th Tuesday of the month (except Aug & Dec) at 6:30pm at the YMCA. Find TMAD meeting & map details on the Talmadge Calendar .

TMAD Newsletter February 2015

TMAD Newsletter October 2013

TMAD Newsletter March 2013

TMAD Election Candidate Bios October 2014


Board of Directors  (Board Member Elections held annually at October meeting)

TMAD Board Officers: TMAD Board Members:
Chair – Kelly Waggonner Erik Judson
Vice Chair – Wendy Beerbower Eric Khoa
Secretary – Howard Smith Fred Lindahl
Treasurer – Robin Baker Gustav Swanson
Howard Smith
John Royal
Martin Flores
Patrick Bingham
Rich Rechif
Rudy Heilig