Talmadge News

This Talmadge.org Website is Talmadge’s “online newsletter”.  Talmadge Leaders communicate their organizations’ information via their dedicated webpages. Additionally, Talmadge Leaders highlight the news & upcoming events of their organizations via  NEWS & UPDATES and EVENTS on this website. The News & Updates and Events sections are located in the footer section of all  Talmadge .org webpages. To view now, simply scroll down this webpage.  Talmadge volunteers are needed to help keep News & Updates current, interesting, and newsworthy….

Attention Talmadgians:  Are you a writer? Do you have an “inner-reporter”? Do you want to help Talmadge Leadership improve the NEWS content here on our Talmadge Website, beginning with the News & Updates articles?  If so, VOLUNTEER! Please contact  Talmadge Communications: talcom@talmadge.org !!

Looking past the News & Update Articles,  writer/reporter volunteers could make a dedicated Talmadge Newsletter possible on this website. This is a big website supporting many Talmadge organizations, and our neighbors & visitors to this site seeking TALMADGE’s LATEST NEWS, need direction – - –  An online newsletter is a “greeter” and a window into the website – a great way to feature the most current/important content and provide the website visitor both a quick update as well as convenient hyperlink navigation to more comprehensive information. If you have a knack for fashioning newsletters, then this opportunity may be your volunteer fit!  There will be no lack of news content to mine from this website, neighbors to feature, blocks to feature, organizations, events, etc, etc – we just need the “artist” who can pull it together. If you are interested in joining the  TalCom team and producing the Talmadge Newsletter, please boast your skills & talents in an email to talcom@talmadge.org  -Thank you!!