Welcome Visitors! Welcome Talmadgians! This is the official neighborhood website for Talmadge in San Diego, CA!  ABOVE, please watch as the FEATURE SLIDER rotates you through a quick tour of the vital organizations in Talmadge – at anytime, click “Read More” to explore them further.  Look above the Feature Slider to the Navigation Bar which offers  the Talmadge CALENDAR.  A simple hover of your cursor over the NavBar offerings: HOME, ORGANIZATIONS, PARTICIPATE, CONNECT, SAFETY yields multi-tier Menus to help you navigate to the many webpages of  Talmadge and Community information. Wait, there’s more -  SCROLL to BOTTOM on this and any page for News & Updates, Website Sponsors, and Upcoming Events.  

Attention, NEW residents – WELCOME to Talmadge!! Are you looking to become involved in your new community and connected with your neighbors? Your fellow Talmadgians await you and urge you to:  1-Visit the NeighborWelcome webpage and let the Welcome Team know you are a new Talmadgian-,  2–Join the Talmadge Watch GoogleGroup for public Talmadge forum & email,  3- Join  Nextdoor , the private social network for neighborhoods where Talmadgians are exchanging and connecting with neighbors & neighborhoods in and around Talmadge, and 4-Attend the meetings & events of  Talmadge’s Organizations. 

Attention, ALL residents – It takes a village to keep a neighborhood safe & running!  Talmadge organizations are always recruiting & training new volunteers. Volunteering is fun and is simply one of the best ways to connect in the neighborhood, meet your neighbors, make new friends,  all the while making Talmadge a better place to live! Visit our webpage, Volunteer Opportunities to learn more!


The Talmadge.org Website is a multi-organzational JOINT effort:

  • CONTENT is maintained by the Leaders & Volunteers of  Talmadge’s organizations.
  • OPERATION is maintained by website admins & techs of  TALMADGE COMMUNICATIONS (TalCom), a volunteer suborganization of the Talmadge Community Council (TCC).
  • The Talmadge.org Website DOMAIN is courtesy of the Talmadge Community Association (TCA).


Talmadge.org Website Funding:

Currently, this website is funded ONLY by neighbor donations, Talmadge volunteers, and our two website sponsors:  Urban Pool Service and Talmadge Guest Casita. The Website volunteers appreciate the generosity of all Patrons who contributed in the TalCom 2013 Fundraiser – THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!!


 Talmadgians, Talmadge.org is YOUR website – visit it often to stay informed about YOUR neighborhood and please report any possible website issues you encounter. To report a possible CONTENT issue, please contact the Organization Leader identified on the webpage where the content is in question.   The  volunteers on the Talmagde.org Website Support Team are acknowledged with much thanks and are listed on the Talmadge Communications (TalCom) webpage.  Please thank these hardworking Talmadge volunteers  when you see them out & about in the neighborhood – they really contribute to our quality of life and make Talmadge a “GREAT place to live!”